Team PaulPablo Haarman

Managing Director

Pablo Haarman co-founded Renaissance Empowered Companies and a highly sought-after seasoned entrepreneur and advisor. He founded the company’s core philosophy that is centered around the belief that true wealth is about much more than just money. Clients are introduced to a series of educational modules that are geared to foster the idea that every client should learn how to become self-sufficient in arriving upon all of their major financial and life decisions. Each client is helped to achieve their own individualized version of an ideal lifestyle through financial literacy, market knowledge, modern financial blueprint, and an introduction to an exclusive private investment platform delivered through its affiliated companies and strategic venture partners/alliances.

Through a unique blueprint process that leverages modern financial vehicles and platforms, clients are able to reach predetermined monetary objectives. The unique platform empowers each client with the necessary resources to learn how to become their own 'best financial advisor' and 'financial advocate' that enables them to with the capability of making their own meaningful wealth-building decisions through a variety of time tested wash rinse-and-repeat wealth blueprint strategies that take the guesswork out of each step.

Renaissance Empowered Companies has the ability to deliver wealth-building opportunities through its affiliated companies and third-party strategic venture partners. These opportunities are not made available to the general public, but instead offered exclusively through a by ‘invitation only' private membership that provides access to a variety of fixed high yield private placement income funds, along with a stream of high yield syndicated opportunities through third-party strategic alliances. Opportunities come in a variety of growth sectors in the form of high yield secure fixed-income funds, to sector-specific projects that include high velocity structured cash flow that also offer opportunities for additional upside at the exit. To find out more, please inquire within the “Live Your Best Life Now’ section of the website.